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Getting Into Raids PDF Print E-mail
Written by Aryi   
Wednesday, 24 February 2010 10:20

The 2 factors that will get you invites into raids are:

1) Raid Calendar
Invites will be done from calendar, if you want to raid sign up.  We need to know who's going to be available so we can be prepared. If you signup and don't show a penalty might be imposed, it will be at officer's discretion. You can just as easily remove yourself from calendar if you can't make it, we just like to know as much in advance who's going to be available.

2) Raid Composition
Now the only factor that may keep you out of a raid if you signed up is raid composition. We can't take 11 people in a 10man, and we can't take 25 DPS classes. Some of this is common sense things, but still people will get butthurt. We always want the strongest group possible.

Guild Ranks PDF Print E-mail
Written by Aryi   
Wednesday, 24 February 2010 10:18

1) Ranks

Pledge: When a player joins the guild they become this rank.  This is the rank of members being trialed.

Member: After a player has been a pledge for 1-2 weeks the officers will meet to decide if the player fits in with the guild and its goals and skill level expectations.  If the player can follow the rules (Section 4 – Playing Your Class in particular) they will be promoted to the rank of Member.  Players that do not fit with the guild will be removed from the guild at this time.

Veterans: Veterans still reserved for long-time committed players, this requires some serious ass-kissing.  No actual purpose other than a status symbol to reward dedicated players.

Guild Raiding Rules PDF Print E-mail
Written by Aryi   
Wednesday, 03 February 2010 18:34

Your Guild and You: Guildlines for Better Raiding

1. Vent

1a. Vent must be kept clear during pulls
(this is so if a situation arises it can be addressed and everyone can hear it!)

1b. Raid leaders should be the only ones giving orders
(we welcome input of guild members that have suggestions but in the middle of a pull in vent may not be the best place, and at the end of the day the raid leaders are the ones that will "lead" the group. If you have a suggestion let us know at another time(whisper,mail,forum)... they will listen)

1c. Chatter should be kept to a minimum during raids, even between pulls.
(the best time to talk and socialize may be before or after the raid, we want everybody focused on the task at hand)

2. Raid Preparation

2a. Potions are highly recommended.  Everyone should be double potting progression attempts and any content that isn't on farm at the very least.
(If there is a way to be better/faster/stronger... why wouldn't you?)

2b. Strategies for new content should be read/watched before the raid starts.
(Even if you don't have a lot of time between getting home and when we raid most videos of the fights we are progressing in are only 5 or so minutes... all invites go out at 11pm that gives you 15 minutes to get ready for the raid, maybe         watch one then?!)

2c. A sufficient number of relevant reagents should be brought with you.
(same reasoning as 2a.... help the guild help you!)

3. Raid Time

3a. We expect a very high level of attendance.  We assume everyone will be at all raids to minimize the size of our roster so people always get to raid.
(We REALLY need people who can be there CONSISTANTLY. This goes for not only being there the entire time but also realizing that the raid may progress over multiple days and if you know you will be gone the last half of the raiding week take that into account. You are responsible for not only the progression of your character, but also the progression of the PEOPLE IN YOUR GROUP.. don't let them down and they won't let you down!)

3b. Be ready to start at the time on the calendar.  You should be prepared and at the instance at this time.
(All invites go out between 11 and 11:05pm... this gives you 10 to 15 minutes to get flasks, repair and get to the instance. Our first pull should be at the raid time on the calendar. If every person is on the character they are raiding with and ready to go when invites go out we can give out the showing up EP all at once and get going!)

3c. Remain at your computer and in the raid instance for the duration of the raid.
(We all know there are moments when you "really gotta pee" and we are not saying that you have to wet your pants. It is important however to make sure that we are getting through the raid as quickly as possible because we do not have a lot of time to do so. We will give you a chance to step away from your computer at some point during the raid, but if we all leave on our own time we are always waiting for someone. Also that first 15 minutes before the raid starts is a great time to grab the chips, drink and go pee before we start!)

4. Playing Your Class

4a. It is expected that you understand how to play your class.  This includes using appropriate gear, gems, enchants, specs and rotations.
(We as a guild are always wanting everyone to be the best of their class. If you aren't sure what you can do to get better there are resources to help you... including the officers! Ask questions, talk to other characters like you and be willing to take constructive criticism that will help you in the long run. If no one online can help you with your class they can definitely tell you a place you can go to find it!)

4b. An effort should be made to maximize your contribution to the raid.
(This simply means bring your gameface and adapt as needed in the raid. If you are struggling ask questions, or look at what you are doing and how to make it better... a better you is a better guild!)

4c. Improvement is expected.  You should not repeatedly be making the same mistakes on encounters.
(We are on progression content... that is great but it means all of use have to progress. We need to learn and adapt what we do to be the best for the situation at hand!)


Although hopefully we will all want to be the best possible character we can be... sometimes you have to have incentives. The more we keep people to these rules the stronger our guild will be and before you know it the consequences will be obsolete!

Generally a warning will be given for a first violation of any of these rules.  Further violation of rules may result in (but is not limited to):

1. Vent – Global muting and/or removal from the raid (1a, 1b, 1c).
2. Raid Preparation – Removal from the raid (2a, 2b, 2c).
3. Raid Time – Ban from the raid for the following week and the possibility of getting GP for keeping 9  people from raiding (3a), You will miss the opportunity to get your EP for showing up (3b), GP may be given for keeping guild members from getting gear! (3c).
4. Playing Your Class - Temporary ban from raids and/or reduced priority to be taken with (4a, 4b, 4c).

Habitual violations of the rules will result in removal from the guild.

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Guild Bank PDF Print E-mail
Written by Aryi   
Monday, 09 November 2009 13:52

Your Rank will determine what access you have to the GBank. Tab1 & 2 all non-pledge members will be able to withdraw a limited amount every day.

Tab3 , 4, & 5 are accessed by officers, and can be used to desposit more value able item.

You can purchase items from the higher tabs, you will need to contact an officer, and we generaly go by 50% of AH price. This will also be limited to a certain degree to avoid having the GBank bought out completely, and also to let everybody get a chance at the things they need.

Last Updated on Thursday, 31 May 2012 21:46
Loot Rules PDF Print E-mail
Written by Aryi   
Monday, 09 November 2009 13:20
  • First and foremost we use EPGP to distrubute loot. Basicly it rewards you for showing up and killing shit. It also keeps track of the gear recieved to prevent loot whoring. It is similar to DKP which you probably have heard of by now, if you havn't -50dkp. It may seem confusing at first, but its real simple once you understand it. There is more information available on this site about it, please read that. You can also look on the epgp website for a more detailed explaination. http://www.epgpweb.com/

  • Incase of PUGs we will have to random /roll on drops. Another reason to hate pugs, so everybody show up and we won't have this problem. Any issues that come up between guild members, or drops that only classes within the guild can use will be settled with EPGP score.

  • Generaly we follow Mainspec = what your doing at the time in raid, then offspec.

  • Don't be a loot whore. Don't sell loot to pugs. Keep it in the guild.

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